While we have customers that use our services from concept all the way to manufacturing, we also provide design support to many of our corporate clients that just need short term consulting.

D2 Realization provides design, protoyping and manufacturing solutions for the following industries:

Consumer Products: Our consumer product experience includes electronics, kitchen products, sports equipment, photography accessories, aftermarket automotive parts, refrigeration products and decorative objects.

Heavy Industry: We have extensive experience in the chemical industry, particularly with specialty valves, reactors and automation. Also we completed several projects that include designing or retrofitting factory machinery. These include metal forming machines, die forming machines, punch machine (down to micron level precision), conveyor systems, and industrial robotics.

Scientific Equipment: We have a strong background in high end scientific instrumentation, much of this experience is in optical metrology and imaging of all kinds but other devices as well. Specifically in optical instrumentation we’ve done work in spectrometry, interferometry, colorimetry, laser trapping, microscopy, multi-spectral imaging, x-ray imaging, thin film measurement systems and specialty illumination. Outside of optical systems we have experience in the design of bench top chemical mixing systems for scientific and laboratory use.

Medical Devices: Our past work includes several medical devices and bringing those devices through the FDA and European certification processes. These devices include but are not limited to: telemedicine devices, retina cameras, endoscopes, glucose measurement devices, and hyperbaric chambers. For our work on these devices we’ve been nominated as finalists for the San Diego Business Journals, Innovation awards.

Automation and Controls: We have experience in multiple different types of controllers and setting them up to run various machinery, valves, motors etc. whether it be an industrial controller that uses IEEE standard ladder logic or PIC controllers programmed directly using C and Assembly. We also have experience integrating those sublevel controllers with large factory level control systems.