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Innovation Consulting

More and than just ideas and design thinking.  D2 Realization brings experience and knowledge on how effective companies design and execute on innovation. We can help your company become more effective innovators and increase agility.  Most companies have untapped ideas, talent, and resources.  We can help by providing better ways for companies to tap these resources.

Execution Management

Innovative designs need experienced support to get to market.  The idea is the seed, but the hard work is in turning those seeds into a healthy crop of products and services.  This often requires multiple organization and technical skills beyond design but also encompassing management, marketing, and manufacturing.  D2 Realization brings all of that expertise to bear on even highly technical projects. See our portfolio for numerous examples of products we took from ideation to viable products.

Technical Design

The word design gets used differently in many business contexts. Design consultants often only provide the very first steps to a working product by working on just the product idea and aesthetics.  While D2 Realization is happy to help in the early stages, we know design goes beyond just the idea.  We provide in-depth design services that include mechanical, electrical, software, and design for manufacturing solutions. We provide the level of design that will take your product from concept to actual market release.


Our experience in machine and system design includes automation, IOT, and AI edge integration.  Whether you are controlling a single machine or connecting an entire factory to a machine learning system, D2 Realization has the skills to help.  Our deep machinery and sensor expertise means we can often provide an integration solution for those difficult areas that cross expert knowledge boundaries, bridging the gap between modern machine learning controls and legacy industrial control systems.

Solving the Difficult Innovation Issues

Not all problems fit into a neat box.  At D2 Realization, we solve problems that cross boundaries of deep expertise to push the technological edge and bring true innovation.  D2 is trusted by top innovative companies to execute mission-critical projects in the areas of automation, medical devices, high-end optics, machinery, scientific equipment and more.  We take ideas and turn them into reality for clients around the world.

D2 can work in a way to fit your organizational needs, whether that is supplementing your team in leading a project, completely outsourcing the project, or creating an entire technical venture.   Our flexible structure allows us to create the right team to solve your company’s needs.  We also consult on company structure and culture to improve internal innovation processes that allow better utilization of R&D resources.


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