D2 Realization’s team employs several members with years of automation and system integration experience. Whether one is retrofitting an old manual machine, designing new automated machinery, or laying out and integrating an entire factory, D2 Realization has experienced personnel that can assist with your automation needs.

Our company is an Opto 22 controls integration partner and has several members trained and experienced in programming, building, and debugging systems with Opto 22 controls. However, while we favor Opto 22 for automation, we also are experienced in many other control systems that employ ladder logic, C or assembly language and can integrate these either with Opto 22 or your other control systems.

D2 Realization has experience in designing and creating robotic work cells. This includes selecting and programming the appropriate robot, designing, and building the robot’s tools and end effectors and then integrating the robotics into a larger factory or automation system.