D2 Realization’s services go beyond simple design and extend into manufacturing as well.  Whether the requirement is a proof of concept or prototype or scaling up to full manufacturing, we can assist with your needs.  We are able to source parts and assist in setting up your manufacturing supply chain.  We provide light assembly for some of our own products and for some of our clients. 

Most all of D2 Realization’s projects involve manufacturing in some way.  Even for a design project, it is important to build a first prototype to insure the design is correct.  For many customers the only manufacturing required is simply building prototypes or singular machines. But for customers looking for production beyond a prototype, we can assist with doing light manufacturing in house or set up larger scale contract manufacturing.  To this end D2 Realization has the ability in-house to build small quantities and perform low quantity production.  We are particularly skilled in building very high end technical short run products. 

For larger productions, we have relationships with supply chains and larger manufacturers. Medical device companies have further requirements to set up production in an FDA approved facility and for this we have developed relationships with several FDA approved contract manufacturers. For other clients who are still starting out but want to maintain control over there manufacturing, D2 Realization can help with setting up a client owned factory or in-house production facilities at the client’s site.