Product Development

In the business world, product development can mean many things. For many product development firms, it is simply a marketing process. At D2 Realization, our core competency is bringing products from concept to reality, whether it is a specialty industrial machine or a high volume consumer product.

We have high technical competence through our network of design and engineering talent (both in-house and through our extended group of consultants) and extensive experience.  Many products which we have designed are currently being sold worldwide. Let us help you realize your next product and bring it to life.

D2 Realization uses an extensive product design process that we bring to bear on all product projects. For more information on this process follow the link below:

D2 Realization’s Product Design Process

We also go beyond just design for manufacture when working with customers to meet their business goals for product development. More information about this can be found at this link:

Beyond Design for Manufacturing