AI Integration

One of the largest current problems in implementing business automation, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is that data from many legacy systems and machinery is not easily available in the cloud.  D2 Realization has AI integration expertise and unique technology that can link these legacy systems into modern data networks.

Part of the issue with legacy controllers and especially machinery is that the control systems were never designed with the idea to connect them to a deep learning environment.  Also many control an automation companies have business strategies that depend on the customer also using their proprietary control software even though most of these systems are rudimentary compared to a current AI implementation.  

D2 Realization, with our partnership with Opto 22, can bridge that gap.  The technology we use can interface with a large set of industrial controllers from other manufacturers to bring that data to the servers where AI systems reside.  However, our expertise goes far beyond this.  Most AI programmers may not have the requisite understanding of mechanical and machine systems to optimally implement deep learning in many machines.  We design machinery and complex equipment.  This means we can also help AI programmers create the proper rules and framework to optimize their systems.  Also, because we design machinery, we can even modify existing systems to provide extra sensor data if required for proper monitoring and system optimization.