D2 Realization Inc. started as a design consulting firm in 2007.  The company, which was originally formed as an LLC, reformed as C. Corp and re-branded to the name D2 Realization (Design to Realization) in 2012.

We are a small firm and excel in difficult to solve design problems.  The company founder, Jonathan Iungerich, has long history of bringing highly technical products from concept through to manufacturing.  Although we are a small firm, we have agreements with several other firms and a network of consulting engineers that allows us to easily scale up to work on large projects.  Due our flexibility and small size, we can take on smaller jobs that many larger companies cannot effectively handle.  This also allows us to maintain very competitive rates due to our low overhead.

Our design services span the spectrum of several different industries, from basic consumer products to complex scientific devices.  We also have extensive experience with manufacturing products and bringing them to market, whether they are consumer products, industrial systems or medical devices.  Several of our designs and products are improving the lives of companies and people all over the world.