Optical Diabetes Scanner


Optical Diabetes Scanner

Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope


Freedom Meditech


Redesign for Manufacturing, Serviceability and Quality


In 2013, D2 Realization was approached by one of Freedom Meditech’s manufacturing partners, who was familiar with D2’s work on the Eyequick digital ophthalmoscope device.  Freedom Meditech had made an initial device and was working to move the device into manufacturing.  Their device scanned a patient’s cornea to determine whether or not the person was possibly developing diabetes.

There were several challenges to move the device to manufacturing.  Reducing the number of parts, making the system easy to build and service, increase the overall reliability, improve the aesthetics, and most importantly, reduce the cost to build the device.

Using D2’s holistic design approach, we were able to deliver a complete redesign in 3 months that addressed all the topics above.  Then we worked with there selected FDA approved manufacturing house to build and improve the design, which became the foundation for their business moving forward.